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 ModernBill™ was developed with the hosting business in mind, especially the hosting resellers. Common business rules and procedures will demonstrate that ModernBill™ is a superior product and will grow with you as your client base expands.

 ModernBill™ will help your business prosper by keeping track of client invoices. The advanced tracking features will allow you and your clients the flexibility to setup accounts without the hassle of using a third party tool to organize your accounts.

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 Billing is one of the many challenges that confront web hosting providers. There are just so many things to keep track of customer profiles, invoices, credit card charging, etc.

 But unlike businesses of old when everything was done on paper, you now have the added option of automating the billing process using a variety of software applications in the market that are designed specifically for this function.

 One such automated billing software, designed for web hosting operations, that you might want to consider is ModernBill by ModernGigabyte LLC(Version 4.2.1 Build 9 is it's latest stable release).

It allows your customers (via the end-user login feature):
Professional Graphical Interface
Integrated Order Form
to create invoices
real-time domain registration at signup with registrars
view and manage their domains
view and upgrade/downgrade their package(s)
add features to their accounts in a self-service fashion
automatically charge clients credit cards (cc)
get support (read ModernGigabyte's Support Policy)
offer customized billing via its A la Carte Billing option
keep an automatic ledger of all of your accounts
reconcile all of the customers accounts to a single account via Account Merge
offer free domains
group servers to maximize inventory
have automatic Bandwidth Billing
Auto-Suspend (and Unsuspend) delinquent accounts
Kanoodle ("Pay-Per-Click" Search Engine)
FraudGuardian (Fraud Scoring System)
Subscriptions (In Development - Database)
Statistical Charting

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Integrated Order Wizard
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