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A leading graphic and logo design company, Pixellogo® focuses on providing cutting edge logo designs to all categories of businesses.

The Pixellogo design methodology is the key to the success and industry recognition of our work. This process includes study and assessment of design trends and forecasts, but never conforming to any given trends, the design staff at Pixellogo combine all research with their forward thinking and industry insight to deliver ground breaking design solutions.

Logo design philosophy…

Logo: lo∙go lo∙gos: A recognizable graphic design element, representing an organization or product.

In the highly competitive world of Design, too often the produced logo designs lack what defines a logo: A recognizable design, representing the organization or product truthfully yet innovatively with the ultimate aim to make that organization or product memorable.

What is the reason for this serious shortcoming in many of today’s designs? Sadly, economic constraints, piracy and other modern day problems affect the logo design process greatly these days as well as lack of serious research into the design objective and dedication to the design process.

At Pixellogo®, we do not let these obstacles stand in our way to designing award winning logos. Pixellogo® was established as a logo design company with one objective in mind and that objective is to provide only superior logo designs at a cost appealing both to the individual client as well as the multinational corporation.

The talented designers of Pixellogo® asked themselves: What exactly makes a good logo design? This of course relies heavily on the individual opinion, but at Pixellogo®, we believe a logo design should be eye-catching, unique, simple yet innovative, keep the observer engaged and most importantly, make an impression on the observer. A logo design must be easily recognizable and memorable and the logo’s quality must be of the highest quality in order to make a good impression. In today’s fast paced and competitive economy, first impressions are crucial to the success of a business, and a logo very often inspires the first impression both clients and competitors get of your business. A logo design must also be scalable and portable. Meaning, a logo must look as good on a billboard as it does on a business card or anywhere else for that matter and always optimized for internet use. It is by recognizing all these factors that Pixellogo® is able to produce award winning logo designs and establish ourselves as probably one of the premier logo design companies.

Customer Satisfaction…

Add to all this our highly efficient and friendly customer service team with separate Customer Service, Sales, and Design departments, no wonder Pixellogo® is rated as one of the top logo design companies in the market today.

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